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An established professional musician who has performed across several continents, and America's foremost guitar and music theory teacher for over twenty years, Shadow has been teaching in both group and individual settings since before he was the age of sixteen, having taught for several years at various music stores across Connecticut; he began offering private lessons in 2000 at his studios as well as the homes and dorms of his students.


His unique and highly acclaimed method of teaching music theory will in just months give you knowledge surpassing what you learn from years of university study; it has taught hundreds of students with no musical experience to improvise solos over any piece of music they wish after only a short period of time, and has helped students who have graduated college as music majors to understand theory in a far more practical, comfortable, and applicable way than ever before. Unlike most guitar teachers, who more or less use a stock lesson plan for all students, these guitar lessons are customized to accomodate each student's musical tastes and interests, and the areas of guitar they are most interested in exploring.

Whatever your experience level, whatever style of music you listen to, whether you want to learn electric or acoustic, picking or fingerstyle, the basics or how to expertly sharpen your solos, you'll be amazed by the efficiency, ease, and quick learning pace of these lessons. Bass, piano, and voice lessons also are offered as well as the instruction of all other instruments and music theory for all instruments.


Lesson rates are discounted based on what you feel you can afford weekly.

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